Low Voltage Electronic Solutions

We have over 30 years of experience in a wide range of low-voltage electronics design for industrial sectors. This ensures that we are able to create electronics from system design to custom printed circuit board (PCB layout), providing solutions for your challenges in the digital world. We guarantee top quality with minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

Customized PCB Design & Manufacturing

Reliable design, PCB assembly and manufacturing, which is backed up by rigorous and detailed testing and the preparation of measurement reports in accordance with standards. Our personalised approach puts your needs first, focusing on factors such as sustainability, cost, manufacturability, testability, repairability and assembly to ensure optimal development results.

Certification and Sustainability

Certification and Sustainabi​lity We conduct developments to meet the expected sector regulations and qualifications. We manage the entire accreditation process, ensuring that the necessary certifications are available and that compliance meets specific industrial standards, while we are always focusing on the green planet. We prioritize the software upgradability of our devices, thereby minimizing electronic waste.

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