Turning your
concept into reality?

Our complex solutions, ranging from 3D modelling to scanning and from commercial to industrial 3D printing, are tailored to your vision. With diverse materials and extensive expertise, we serve projects across all industries. Partner with us to bring your ideas to life using our advanced 3D machinery park.

3D scanning

  • High precision up to 40 microns
  • Color scanning
  • Portable capability

Reverse engineering

Precision modelling, we create accurate, editable CAD models based on physical object scans for reproduction or redesign.

CAD design

Leverage our experience in designing parts and products optimized for 3D printing.

Material selection

Choose from a diverse range of materials, from high-performance to commodity options (including PEEK, ULTEM, PPE, PC, TPU, Nylon, ABS, ASA etc.), with flexible, antistatic, wood-, metal-, stone-fillings, and phosphorescent options, along with heat-resistant, chemically resistant, biocompatible, and advanced technical polymers

3D printing

We choose the right 3D printing
 technology according to your needs and the use-case of the product, be it commercial, automotive, aerospace, food industry, medical or healthcare and also depending on your priorities like precision, quality, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Our devices

Intamsys Funmat Pro 610 HT [FDM]

Achieve advanced printing capabilities with a spacious build volume of 610 x 508 x 508 mm, 300°C chamber, and 500°C extruders.

Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna [SLA]

Offering high-temperature, flame-retardant and flexible resin printing suitable for diverse industries.

Anycubic Photon M5s

Experience detailed high-speed printing with SLA technology, perfect for crafting intricate prototypes and functional parts.

Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K [SLA]

• Technology: SLA
• Vat capacity: ~2 Liters
• Light output wavelength: 405nm
• Print speed: 70mm/h

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon [FDM]

• Technology: FDM
• Max Nozzle: 300c
• Max bed: 110c
• Print speed: 500mm/s

EinScan HX 3D Shining scanner

• High precision up to 40 microns
• Color scanning
• Portable capability

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