On-Board LED displays

On-Board Infotainment displays

Sustainability meets enhanced passenger experience

At HC Linear, sustainability is at the core of our mission. We extend the lifespan of our products, minimize energy consumption, and maximize efficiency to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable future.

On-BoardLED displays

Elevate passenger experience with our high-brightness LED displays, delivering precise and automated passenger information that remains visible in all conditions. Our versatile displays are customizable to meet the unique requirements of our partners, offering options in size, resolution, and design preferences, whether & thin frame or “thick frame,” and tailored to any technical specifications needed. The on-board LED display system, connected to the on-board computer, automatically controls passenger information. Its purpose is to provide accurate and automatic passenger information and display custom messages. Thanks to its feature-rich architecture, it is suitable for displaying long captions (can be inserted from any direction), flashing, inverse, and scrollable text, various bitmaps, software updates for remote access, and automatic/guided self-diagnostics. The displays feature high brightness and good viewing angles, ensuring perfect viewing even in bright sunlight. They also have an
integrated light meter and evaluation logic, allowing them to automatically adjust their brightness according to ambient light. Displays are always made with the latest surface-mounted LED technology, ensuring superior efficiency and lower power consumption compared to older technologies. Depending on the version, the integrated control unit can be connected to an RS-485 data bus or Ethernet network, and its operating protocol can be easily integrated with any control computer.status information, rebooting, setting timed on and off for the display, as well as configuring and querying displayed content. The central remote management interface enables editing of the information displayed on the screens, diagnosing devices, and remotely monitoring operations.
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  • Designed for continuous operation, vibration-resistant design
  • Flat design, easy installation, easy wiring
  • Low power consumption, latest SMD LED technology
  • Various hardware and software interfaces: RS-485, IBIS, ITxPT, Ethernet
  • Software updates (Remote software update)
  • Various hardware and software interfaces: RS-485, IBIS, ITxPT, Ethernet
  • Automatic self diagnostics
  • Customer service & support
  • Adaptive brightness control
  • Display of long messages (floatable from all directions)
  • Flashing text, inverse text, scrollable text
  • Certified: UN ECE R10, UN ECE R118

Support services

Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. Apart from round-the-clock operations to ongoing maintenance and future enhancements, you can count on us for comprehensive customer care and support services. We pride ourselves on delivering not just products, but solutions that evolve with your needs. From initial consultation to installation and beyond, our dedicated team is here to ensure your experience is seamless and your satisfaction is paramount. With a focus on long term partnerships, we strive to be more than just a supplier we’re your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of modern transportation technology.

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