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One vehicle
One controller.

Discover a comprehensive range of bus solutions tailored to transform the way you manage public transportation. From real-time traffic control management to dynamic passenger information systems, safety monitoring, operational data analytics, and beyond, our products offer a holistic approach to optimizing bus fleet operations.


The complex &
Transport System.

OBU (On-Board Unit)

Our modular and robust OBU system integrates seamlessly with our comprehensive IT solution, empowering transportation companies with real-time traffic control, passenger safety, data collection capabilities and much more. One vehicle, one controller. Save cost, increase effectivity.

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Ticket sales & Validator systems

Simplify ticket sales and validation processes with our solutions, enhancing passenger experience and maximizing revenue.

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Infotainment & Advertising monitors

Integrate infotainment and advertising
functionalities to offer passengers a unique travel experience while generating additional revenue.

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Destination LED displays

Deliver accurate and automatic passenger
information with our standard and custom sized, monochrome or RGB LED displays with built-in brightness control, ensuring visibility in all conditions.

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Stop & Station passenger information

Enhance passenger experience with dynamic arrival data and voice-based announcements at stops and stations in a size and technology suitable for the needs.

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Internet passenger information app.

Provide passengers with real-time schedule information and travel planning tools.

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Passenger counting

Achieve precise passenger counts for optimized operation management, eco-friendly and sustainable transportation.

Video surveillance

Ensure passenger and driver safety with integrated camera system.

Controlling every sensors

Optimize energy usage and reduce operational costs with our integration services. Supervise and collect all the data from on-board and analyze control them to increase performance.

Dynamic & Real-Time TMS

Proactively manage traffic and respond to incidents in real-time with our dispatching system. Anticipate potential issues and optimize dispatching processes for enhanced efficiency.

Public transport priority

Minimize idle time and improve travel times with our trafficlight priority system, known as the “green light request module.”

Data Mining & Analysing System

Gain valuable insights into
operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction with our comprehensive analytics platform.

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Discover a comprehensive range of bus solutions tailored to transform the way you manage public transportation.