The values which
drive us.

Play as a Team, Win the World

Work together as a team, valuing different ideas and perspectives to achieve our goals and make a positive impact globally.

Learn, Grow, Drive Change

Embrace new ideas and changes, fostering a creative environment where employees adapt to challenges and technologies, continuously learning and growing.

Deliver Impactful Results

Act decisively and aim for excellence, continuously improving and innovating to deliver high-quality results and go above and beyond expectations.

Take Action, Strive for Excellence

Offer work that makes a real difference, enabling employees to find fulfillment in their contributions by delivering outcomes that create a noticeable impact.

We belive in
each other.

We're a passionate bunch working to build the future of research and development together.

Ready to make
a difference?

Because we’re not just another company – we’re a pioneering R&D powerhouse poised for exponential growth. Specializing in innovative solutions in low-current electronics and software development, our diverse portfolio spans various industries. However, our primary focus over the past decade has been revolutionizing the public transport sector. With our devices operational on board over 8500+ vehicles across 14 cities and 18 regions, and in hundreds of public transport stations, we significantly improve the daily lives of over 3+ million passengers.

Because our organizational structure fosters collaboration and communication, ensuring accessibility to leaders and a supportive work environment. We offer recreational activities and support for healthy lifestyles and participation in sports events. Our specialized team of project leaders provides extensive knowledge and wide-ranging expertise. Recognized for innovation, reliability, and stability, we have received prestigious awards, including the Budapest Stock Exchange award for top 50 interesting and successful companies in 2023, the Hungarian Association for Innovation Special Award, and DUN & BRADSTREET’s silver AAA rating.

Because your contributions here directly impact technological innovation in multiple sectors. Offering ample opportunities for professional growth and development, you’ll experience intellectually stimulating and socially impactful work, tackling exciting challenges and meaningful projects. Our collaborative research and development process, with electrical, mechanical, and software developers, IT specialists, and economists working closely together, forms a successful team. Push the boundaries of technological innovation while enjoying a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from tangible business outcomes. Plus, we prioritize sustainability in all our endeavors.